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Need a Little More Spring in my Fling

So here I am finally getting back into the groove after several weeks of winter blues funk.  It happens every year….the lead up to Christmas, the holiday madness and then usually when I’m ready to get back into the swing of things I get super sick….my kids get sick & then life throws up on you for a bit until say mid to end of Jan…..or is that just me?  Either way it seems to happen every year and of course during this time it’s winter in Quebec where one can easily go 2 week

From Free Bird To Spiraling Down

So my Spiraling painting has had many names.  It started out as ‘Free Bird’ as that is exactly what emerged spontaneously after many layers of spiraling & acrylic paint.  It was then changed to ‘Spiraling Towards Spring’ as when it was finally finished several months had gone by and the seasons had changed from winter to spring.  But in reality the name ‘Spring’ has a more positive connotation and did not accurately capture the essence of the painting.  The original artwork f

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