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From Free Bird To Spiraling Down

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

So my Spiraling painting has had many names.  It started out as ‘Free Bird’ as that is exactly what emerged spontaneously after many layers of spiraling & acrylic paint.  It was then changed to ‘Spiraling Towards Spring’ as when it was finally finished several months had gone by and the seasons had changed from winter to spring.  But in reality the name ‘Spring’ has a more positive connotation and did not accurately capture the essence of the painting.  The original artwork featured below is truly a little dark, a little chaotic and more like a downhill spiral which is why in the end the painting was appropriately named ‘Spiraling Down’. 

Spiraling Down came to life after a long, cold winter in Montreal, Quebec.  What started out as a dark painting eventually turned into color as the winter days grew shorter and the sun stayed out longer.  At the time I was painting at the Montreal Art Center in Griffintown where my mom and I shared a communal studio space.  I loved painting there, always inspired by the other artists all around me & very much at home in the old eccentric building.  My head was pretty busy back then making it hard to focus on art.  When my mind is too busy my art usually ends up spiraling.  It’s the equivalent of doodling when you are zoning out, almost like going into a trance.  It’s also when I am able to do my best thinking and put my mind at ease.  Sometimes it turns out, other times my paintings get ruined & cluttered with too many dots, too many layers and too many spirals! 

In the end I was really happy with it and knew that it was time to stop!  I can’t say why I spiral but I can say that they have always been prominent in both my mom & I’s art so maybe it was just being around her growing up and watching her doodle spirals as she used to do while chatting on the phone! 

My 'Spiraling Down' painting is still hanging out in my studio and inspired my 'Spiraling' collection which is hands down my favorite as the clothing designs really remind me of everything I used to love wearing growing up.  My 'go-to' piece from this collection are the street leggings.  They are edgy and I love them for that.  The spirals, the dots, the colors, the fit....I adore everything about them. So that's 'Spiraling Down' in a nutshell! 

To hear more please checkout my latest video below and thanks again for wearing our art!

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