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Into The Deep

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Meet Big Blue ~ a beautifully calm & tranquil blue whale.  I have always been fascinated by whales and the ocean so painting these majestical creatures brings me a lot of joy.  When I was younger I had a t-shirt that said ‘Save The Whales’ and have had those words floating around in my head ever since.     

Big Blue came to life last winter when the days were short and dark.  The canvas itself is 3 feet x 4 feet & I painted my Big Blue using a roller & lots of blue, black & grey acrylics.

Even painting this piece was a soothing experience, ridding my mind of all the day-to-day noise.  Big Blue only became a ‘she’ (actually a mother) when I decided she needed a ‘little blue’ whale calf who I created shortly afterwards. 

Big Blue is unfortunately not for sale but limited edition Fine Art Prints are now available and Big Blue will soon be featured in my wearable art....stay tuned! 

On a personal note I think that there is still so much more we can do to preserve and protect whales and their ocean homes.  While looking for home school activities for my two daughters this week I stumbled across the original Save The Whales website and was pleased to see that they were still active.  Save the Whales is a California non-profit organization that began in 1977, by a mother and daughter team.  Forty three years later, Save the Whales continues to inspire children, the future of the planet, to know that their actions can promote change.  If you are looking to get involved or simply for some whale activities for your children I recommend checking them out.        

Thanks for reading & thanks for your support.  For more on Big Blue check out our latest YouTube video BIG BLUE!

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